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For decades the community of Catshill and the surrounding parishes have enjoyed the peace and tranquillity of the 3½ acres of grassland at the heart of their village. Residents have used this ‘oasis’ of green without a second thought as to the history and ownership of the Catshill Village Meadow or how it has managed to remain in its undisturbed condition, despite 35 years of urban development.

As a resident of Catshill please take time to read about the history of the Meadow and the battle to preserve what is “your oasis for your pleasure” .

Few people in the village are aware of their personal ownership of the Meadow. The Meadow is in fact entrusted to the North West Ward Association (NWWA), a charity that brought the land in 1951 and has represented the residents of Catshill ever since.

Funding In 1991 following the death of Nurse Haines, Catshill’s very own District Nurse, her surgery and home ‘The Thatch’ was sold. The proceeds of this sale were directed to the NWWA and enabled the management committee to improve the changing room and car park facilities.

Recent developments have seen the construction of two play areas and a path around the perimeter of the Meadow to allow all residents to enjoy the open space. Many young saplings have been planted and improvements have been made to the changing rooms.

The Meadow is now the successful venue for the Catshill Fun Day and the annual bonfire night celebrations and many car boot sales to support local groups.

These funds support the maintenance of facilities and grass cutting.

We are always looking for young and dynamic committee members to help raise additional funds for future investment in your land.

For more information please contact Mr Ian Prust

Tel: 01527 873066

Registered Charity No. 241536

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